Joshua Tilley (Lead Pastor)


Joshua Tilley is the Lead Pastor at The River Community Church. His teaching and preaching style are heavily grounded in his philosophical background with a strong emphasis in the study of authenticity and apologetics. When he is not studying or teaching, he enjoys spending time with his family, hiking, climbing, and having a good cigar. He has written several books; most notably “Authentic Prayer,” “A Theology of Humility,” and “A Short Guide to Authenticity” (based upon his doctoral thesis). 


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Jim Broffitt

jim brofitt.jpg

Meet Dr. Jim Broffitt, a retired professor from the U-Iowa!

In 1970 I moved to Iowa City after accepting a position at The University of Iowa. Although I believed God existed, Jesus was not a part of my life. Soon after our son was born in 1979, my wife and I started looking for a church. We visited many and landed here. Through my church experience, my eyes were opened to the truth of God’s Word. I knew I was a sinner in need of forgiveness. In 1980 I put my trust and faith in Jesus – the best decision I ever made!



Claude Williams


Claude has been a staple in the Iowa City Community for decades. He and his wife, Carol, raised their kids and watched their grandkids grow up in our area. Claude became a believer after serving in the military. His struggle with alcohol made the need very real. Soon, he an his wife, made the decision to follow Christ and they have never looked back.