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Who We Are

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Team: Welcome
Our Mission

We seek to be a church that is for our city, for our people, and for  the lost. We are a church that is for  you and not against you. We exist to benefit our neighbors and our community. We desire to focus our efforts on promoting a close relationship with God, the well-being of people and the health of our community.

We are for you. We are for Iowa City.

Our Core Values

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We strive to be real, honest, and live by our convictions.

The Word of God is the foundation for what we believe and how we act.

We aspire to pursue both justice and equality.

We all have a lot to learn, so we seek to grow in knowledge and wisdom.


Our Strategy

Gather IN Community 

We GATHER in community to praise Jesus and encourage one another in order to GROW. 

Grow THROUGH God's Word

We GROW in faith and maturity as we study the Bible (God’s Word) and embrace our God-given gifts in order to GO.

Go OUT and make Disciples.

We GO to help our community and invite people to GATHER with us so they can experience God’s love.


The River is a member of the Converge Conference. Converge North Central is a movement of churches working to help people meet, know and follow Jesus. This is done by starting and strengthening churches together worldwide. For over 165 years Converge has helped churches bring life change to communities in the U.S. and around the world through church planting and multiplication, leadership training and global missions.

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