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  • Bev Neuzil

God: My Protector

I was very blessed to hear the Gospel of Jesus, to understand it, and to embrace it as a small girl (thanks to two aunts who knew how important it was to get this little girl to Sunday School.) Because I have known Him almost all my life, I don't have any dramatic story to tell, but I agree with a speaker I once heard, who said that her "story" was that God protected her during her life, so she didn't have a dramatic story to tell. I will say that, as with many of us, there have been times in my life when I doubted some of what I'd learned. But, in reading the Bible, I've learned that our God can be counted on because He is faithful to His promises, over and over. I have faith in Him because He is faithful to us. I am blessed at this time in my life to be a part of the River family. God is Good!

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