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  • Jeremiah Delaney

My Journey From Broken to Restored

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Written by: Jeremiah Delaney

"I came from a broken home, became friends with those who accepted me, which happened to be people that weren't on good paths. I acted foolishly growing up, kicked out of school, in and out of lock up, got into drugs, and breaking the law. I had no idea what the future held except that it wasn't good. I eventually had children, 5 total with 3 different moms and I was still using drugs. Failed relationship after failed relationship, losing my children to the state of Iowa and no stability led me down a very self-destructive path and I eventually hated myself. I hated myself because I had failed my family and my children. To top it off, I couldn't quit drugs… I was hooked.

By 34 years old, I had been using meth for over half my life. At this point, I began hallucinating. These hallucinations were in the form of voices instructing me how to end my life. So I made up my mind to do it, I just didn't know how yet. I was at a person's house getting high and they had a truck running in their driveway. I attacked a man and took the truck. I drove it as fast as I could to a T-intersection just a few blocks away and hit a tree. I woke up on the ground outside of the truck completely okay, but the truck was totaled. I was then arrested and taken to jail where I was in suicide watch with another man. He told me he knew there were demons attacking me and asked to pray with me, so we prayed and almost instantly I was relieved of this mental distress I had been going through. I realized how very real Satan was and above that how very real God was. I began reading the word all day everyday while I was locked up for 4 month waiting to be sentenced and I never felt so much joy to be alive… and sober… and loved, even while in jail!

I knew I had done wrong and was ready to pay my dues for all I had done, but the judge gave me mercy and sentenced me to rehab and probation when I rightfully deserved prison. I went to rehab and began my journey of a 28 day program. While I was there, I began going to The River Church on Sundays. I met people there that were going through similar struggles in life and others that were going through much different. I had never felt more welcomed and accepted by so many people that didn't expect anything in return. I continued to come to church while I remained in rehab, graduated, and signed up for the halfway program for another 3 months in rehab, so I could have accountability to remain sober.

It was then that I met my now wife, Emily, who was also an addict and witnessed to her about everything that's happened to me and how God delivered me and saved me from myself. She began coming with me to church and eventually, after her and I married, we decided we both wanted to be baptized at The River Church, where we now called home. Pastor Joshua joyfully accepted our request and we took the plunge!

In these past years attending The River Church, we have developed a beautiful new family, where we can be honest, without shame of our pasts and share all the good that's come into our lives since we became Christians. God has given me a new life and has been restoring me piece by piece every day. I now have my son back in my life and I believe all will be in my life one day when God finds me ready. My recovery wasn't easy by any means and I still have insecurities, regrets, depression at times, and my memory tries to remind me about all my mistakes regularly so I don't repeat them. But through God's grace, Emily, and this new family he's given me, I have stayed the course. I am hopeful of the future God has for me. I am excited to be a part of His plan and have a purpose in this life. God is good!"

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